Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I am doing some tidying-up, so here is a breif update.

Quite literally, nothing has happened. No one has contacted me. No case number assigned, that I know of. I thought I did a reasonable job making my case. I certainly wnet farther than anyone else I know. I have both pushed AND been extraordinarily patient. Nothing seems to work.

So, I have resigned myself to the reality here. I have done all that I can and more. MCDOT is intractable, and neither I nor anyone else in this County can do anything about that. As for the federal government. well. who knows?

Yes, I am a little bitter, but that eases everyday. It was, after-all, the bitterness that was growing that forced me to drop it and walk away. The fact that I am writing this is proof that I am recovering. It only took a year and six months...